Deliver the consistent taste your Barista’s recipes deserve with Cafe Essentials vanilla and base products. Makes excellent stand alone vanilla shakes. Our neutral base product truly delivers a velvety base to build off of. Make any frappe or smoothie the ultimate in health with yogurt lovers products.


Neutral Base

The essential foundation for creating “from scratch” specialty beverages such as mochas and fruit Smoothies. This versatile base delivers a creamy, velvety, rich and “neutral dairy” taste profile. A 1:1 replacement for most neutral bases.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

Sugar Free Chocolate

Add in your espresso and milk, or make a hot chocolate. Rich and creamy like you want, in a sugar free version. Sweetened with sucralose and monk fruit.

Unit size: 2.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Sugar Free White Chocolate

All the rich and creamy notes you expect but in a sugar free version. Makes a great white chocolate espresso. Add fruit or syrups or other recipes. Sweetened with sucralose and monk fruit.

Unit size: 2.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is like rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with a true Madagascar vanilla bean inclusion. High vanilla notes & medium bean notes, all in the ice creamy base.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Vanilla Cream

Distinct vanilla notes in a deeper rich creamy base. Just like a high end country style hard packed ice cream. Create shakes that burst with flavor, or add to your fruit smoothie.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

White Chocolate

A rich and creamy white chocolate that is great straight up or as a base to add your espresso, chocolate, syrups or fruit into. Not overpowering, to let your quality espresso or coffees shine through.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Yogurt Lover’s Choice

Yogurt Lover’s Choice is a delicious non-fat vanilla milky yogurt beverage containing pre & pro-biotics, fiber and Protein. Used as a base shake to add fruit, juice or syrups into; it also blends well into Dr. Smoothie fruit smoothie.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}


Cleaner labels than the competition

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

 Authentic and distinctive flavor profiles

 Reduce fat and sugar

Gluten free


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Repeat business

Increased revenue and profit


What are the ingredients in your neutral base?

Neutral Base is made with a non-dairy creamer that does not contain any hydrogenated oils.

Can Sugar Free Chocolate and Sugar Free White Chocolate be prepared as a frappe and hot beverages?

Yes they can be blended in a milky base. You may use conventional milk or milk substitutes like soy, almond, or hemp milk. Our Sugar Free line is primarily used for hot beverages. In particular, they work very well in espresso and coffee. Using milk is the preferred base.

Your Sugar Free products contain the sweetener monk fruit, what is monk fruit?

Monk fruit (lo han guo) is from the gourd family and is about 300 times sweeter than sugar when concentrated. There are many types of monk fruit and you have to use the correct type or it is bitter. Cafe Essentials only uses the high-grade, smooth tasting, non-bitter product. The fruit was grown by Buddhist monks starting around 1300. It found a place during the last century in Chinese medicine and as an additive in cold beverages enjoyed throughout the summer, amongst other things.

Can Cafe Essentials White Chocolate be made as a frappe?

Our White Chocolate is 99% designed to be used as a frappe, or to add your espresso, syrups, fruits, juices, etc.

Is it better to use milk or water when preparing White Chocolate beverages?

Take a look at our recipes. You can use either, it just depends on what you are making.

What is Yogurt Lover’s Choice?

Yogurt Lover’s Choice is a non-fat delicious milky yogurt vanilla beverage with a hint of “vanilla soft serve like” ending. Used primarily as a non-fat vanilla blend in for smoothies, it is also used as a base shake to add fruit, juice or syrups into. Yogurt Lover’s Choice also contains pre & probiotics.

What are pre & probiotics?

Simply put, probiotics are healthy beneficial micro-organism for your digestive system and a prebiotics is the lunch box the probiotic needs to survive in your digestive tract.

What are the differences between Yogurt Lover’s Choice and Yogurt Lover’s Plus?

Yogurt Lover’s Choice can be used as a finished beverage that can be served as a stand-alone beverage, blended with fruit, topped with fruit or adding in Dr. Smoothie’s Fruit Concentrate to create a signature beverage. Yogurt Lover’s Plus is used like an add-in to transform any current beverage on their menu into a more healthy option.

Can Café Essentials be used in a hot beverage machine?

Yes, they work very well in a post hot whipped beverage machine as well as most other portion controlled machines. The operator will need to adjust the proportions of product for each beverage (gram throw), as each machine will be a little different. Have them try it with our Chai products first as they are exceptionally good served hot. DO NOT pour hot liquids into a blender to blend or pulse. This is dangerous and is a liability. DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

Does Café Essentials contain any trans fat or hydrogenated oils?

No, Café Essentials products feature No trans fat and No hydrogenated oils.