Pairing frappes, iced or hot beverages with other menu items can complement the overall taste experience of their meal and is a great way to deliver value to your customers. It provides menu options that are quick and easy for customers to order and adds dimension to any food and beverage menu.

Cafe Essentials flavors will complement any menu item depending upon your likes and taste. Here are a few suggestions that we recommend.


● White Chocolate
● Chocolate Truffle Cocoa
● Cocoa’ccino
● Organic Moka Latte
● Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Crème
● Neutral Base
● Truly Latte


● French Vanilla Cappuccino
● Belgian Style
● Salted Carmel Mocha
● Matcha Mint Chip
● Horchata Frappe
● Horchata Blast Frappe


● Sugar Free Chocolate
● Salted Caramel
● Ja'Mocha
● Matcha Mint Chip
● Chocoholic’s Choice
● Cookies & Cream


● Whole Lotta Toffee
● Organic Chocolate
● Milk Chocolate Mocha
● Cookies & Cream
● Vanilla Cream


● Mexican Spiced Cocoa
● Organic Madagascar Vanilla Latte
● Mocha Java
● Neutral Base
● Organic Café Moka
● Choco-Milk Horchata Licuado


● Ginger Spiced Chai
● Vanilla Bean
● Original Chai
● Matcha Green Tea Latte
● Vanilla Chai