Enjoy our Artisan Crafted Organic Cafe Essentials blends where we bring together the best products from around the world. The unique taste and velvety shake-like texture will “wow” your customers. Add Organic 2% milk, ice and blend your way to repeat customer visits.

Dr. Smoothie Brands has gone through the arduous process to be USDA Organic Certified, thereby adhering to the strict standards required to receive the USDA seal of approval.


Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Crème

Designed for the sophisticated vanilla lover. Enjoy the big upfront pop of vanilla and then the lingering aftertaste of what is considered the best vanilla in the world – the Madagascar Bourbon type, all set in a rich milky creamy base.

Unit size: 3.25 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Latte

Rich and creamy dairy with vanilla tones from Bali and Madagascar fill your taste buds and then leave you with a pleasant light aftertaste of Vera Cruz coffee & Vanilla Bean.

Unit size: 3.25 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

Organic Moka Latte

A luxurious blend that pairs the light balanced tastes of Vera Cruz coffee and Dominican Republic cocoa with a rich, ice creamy dairy base.

Unit size: 3.25 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

Organic Café Moka

A more intense blend with rich cocoas from Peru and Africa, and strong coffee from a special plantation in Vera Cruz, Mexico – all set in a smoothing dairy base.

Unit size: 3.25 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}

Organic Chocolate

A uniquely addicting red type Peruvian cocoa, and African dark cocoas meld together to give a nice burst of chocolate – all set in a creamy dairy base.

Unit size: 3.25 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended}


Cleaner labels than the competition

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

 Authentic and distinctive flavor profiles

 Reduce fat and sugar

Gluten free


Destination traffic!

Repeat business

Increased revenue and profit


Will the Organic products “mouth feel” be the same as your regular Cafe Essentials products?

The mouth feel and lack of separation in the blender jar of Cafe Essentials will be similar to our non-organic Cafe Essentials line.

Will the Organics dissolve any differently when blended or added to a coffee or espresso?

The organics line should dissolve similar or better than the non-organic Cafe Essentials line.

What are the differences between Cafe Essentials regular line and the new Organic product?

Organic Cafe Essentials are made with organic milk and are made with certified organic ingredients. Cafe Essentials are designed to be made with water and are non-organic. Cafe Essentials in general contain NO artificial ingredients.

What is the Nutrition Advantage over Cafe Essentials regular products?

Organic has less fat because it does not contain any non-dairy creamers. Both product lines feature NO artificial flavors etc.

Is Cafe Essentials Organics an all-natural product?

Since there is no official designation of Natural, that term is not used anymore. Organics do perform on everything natural used to provide and then go a step further with non-GMO and other attributes.

Can Cafe Essentials be served hot & cold?

Cafe Essentials Organics can only be served as a frappe blended with ice and 2% organic milk.