Cafe Essentials Mochas have a nice, strong “from nature” taste profile. Our products exhibit a full, rich milk based taste profile made with water. When you make our mochas with milk, they are ultradecadent and even more ice creamy. Considerably less in fat than the competition, we represent the “better for you” indulgent treat. Enjoy!


Kona Mocha New!

This Kona-style mocha features an up-front full-bodied roast coffee with just enough rich cocoa to round out your island experience. Just one sip will have you saying “Mahalo!”

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Java Chip New!

A high-octane mocha with indulgent Guittard® semi-sweet chocolate chips. This strong roast coffee and cocoa pairing are pushed to the limit with added sweet bits of chocolate throughout. A “must have” for coffee and chocolate enthusiasts!

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}


Ghirardelli® brand cocoa and Columbian coffee combines with rich & creamy dairy notes for a unique, well-rounded taste sensation. Creamy dairy, light cocoa caramel notes with coffee background. Very unique.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Milk Chocolate Mocha

As the name says, this is a tasty milk chocolate style frappe. Reminiscent of rich chocolate milk, but better. Use as a base to add chocolate, espresso, coffee, or as a tasty milk chocolate mocha. This versatile blend is sure to satisfy. Almost zero coffee in this blend, so it is kid-friendly.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}


Intense mega-Ghirardelli® brand cocoa, with a strong coffee in a creamy base, gives a big flavor impact.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Mocha Java

Dark Ghirardelli® brand cocoa and two coffee varieties in a less sweet base lets this outstanding cocoa stand out. This is your classic darker chocolate with a touch of coffee taste profile. Use as-is or get your espresso shots ready.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Ghirardelli® is a trademark of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, registered in the United States and other countries. Ghirardelli® brand cocoa and chocolates are not affiliated with Dr. Smoothie Brands, our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our products or materials.


From strongest coffee to least:





Mocha Java


Milk Chocolate Mocha



Coffee-Cocoa: Ja’ Mocha, has a coffee-cocoa profile

Cocoa-Coffee with more Dairy: Cocoa’ccino

Cocoa-Coffee: Mocha Java, Cocoa’ccino, Milk Chocolate Mocha

Base products: Milk Chocolate Mocha, Mocha Java, but all our products love your espresso in it!


Set your blender to longer cycle, 35 seconds or more, and your mochas & lattes will come out much more creamy and smooth.


Cleaner labels than the competition

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

 Authentic and distinctive flavor profiles

 Reduce fat and sugar

Gluten free


Destination traffic!

Repeat business

Increased revenue and profit


Is it best to use milk or water when using your Mocha powers?

When made with water, our mochas exhibit a full, rich milk based taste profile. When you make our mochas with milk, they are ultra-decadent and even more Ice creamy.

Which Mocha should I use for my shop?

Depending on your customer base, we have a flavor profile that fits every mocha lover’s needs. If you are looking for more of a coffee/cocoa flavor profile, than use Ja’Mocha. If you are looking for a more cocoa/coffee with more dairy, than use Cocoa’ccino. If you are looking or more of a cocoa flavor with a hint of coffee, use Mocha Java, Cocoa’ccino or Milk Chocolate Mocha.

What is the best mocha to use if I want to use it as a base for my signature beverages?

Milk Chocolate Mocha and Mocha Java are your best options, but all of our mochas blend well when adding espresso.

Do you have any tips for making a more creamy or smooth frappe?

Set your blender to a longer cycle, 35 seconds or more for the ultra-creamy frappe.

Do any of your mochas come in a decaf?

Yes, our Ja’Mocha is also available in decaf.

What is your strongest coffee flavor?

Our hallmark is strong taste profiles. All mocha products have coffee in them at varying strengths. Our strongest coffee to least: Ja’Mocha, Cocoa’ccino, Mocha Java, Milk Chocolate Mocha.

Can Cafe Essentials be used in a hot beverage machine?

Yes, they work very well in a post hot whipped beverage machine as well as most other portion controlled machines. The operator will need to adjust the proportions of product for each beverage (gram throw), as each machine will be a little different. Have them try it with our Chai products first as they are exceptionally good served hot. DO NOT pour hot liquids into a blender to blend or pulse. This is dangerous and is a liability. DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

Does Cafe Essentials contain any trans fat or hydrogenated oils?

No, Café Essentials products feature No trans fat and No hydrogenated oils.