From our kitchen to yours, we invite you to discover the endless possibilities that can be made with Cafe Essentials. Using only the finest ingredients, each powder will enhance any recipe by making it delicious.

Since 2001, Cafe Essentials has been developing & manufacturing delicious frappes, iced and hot beverages. Our clean label beverages are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweetners and made without trans-fat or hydrogenated oils.

Starting with the finest ingredients, making delicious specialty beverages is easy. Our powders are perfect for using in recipes that will add dimension and flavor too. You’ll be amazed how versatile our powders really are. Choose from several recipes that focus on vanilla bases, lattes, iced, frozen blended, hot, sugar free, holiday and barista recipes. So get started and let your creative mind go, discover all of the delicious ways Cafe Essentials will add dimension to your specialty beverage program.


● Create a Shake
● The “Ultimate” Vanilla Experience
● Finished Base
● The “Ultimate” Avalanche
● Extreme White Chocolate Protein Shake


● Blended Mocha
● Red-Eye Chai
● Vanilla Bean Mocha
● Black Forest Mocha Frappé
● White Chocolate Coffee
● Caramel Apple Espresso


● Salted Caramel Latte
● Matcha Green Tea Latte
● Cinnamon Roll Latte
● Truly Hot Latte
● Whole Lotta Toffee Latte
● Frosty Vanilla Bean Latte


● Malted Mocha Cookie Crunch
● Cinnamon Mocha Frappé
● Butterscotch Bliss
● Northwest Berry Truffle
● Chocolate Banana
● White Chocolate Mocha Frappé


● Iced Ginger Chai
● Iced Mocha
● Iced Vanilla Chai
● Iced Latte
● Iced Mocha ‘ccino
● Iced Green Tea Latte
● Iced Horchata Latte


● Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
● Ja’Mocha Steamer
● Café Cookies & Cream
● Chocoholic’s Hot Cocoa
● Crème Brûlée Cappuccino
● European Style Sipping Chocolate
● Horchata Coffee
● Caramel Hot Chocolate


● Hot Chocolate
● Iced White Mocha
● Traditional Mocha
● White Chocolate Mocha
● The “Ultimate” Mocha Frappé
● The “Ultimate” White Chocolate Mocha Frappé


● Chai d’Mint
● Caramel Apple
● Peppermint Pattie
● Berry Cobbler a la Mode
● Gingerbread Hot Cocoa
● Peach Pumpkin Pie
● Decadent Apple Spiced Chai Steamer
● The “Ultimate” Pumpkin Spice Frappé