The hallmark of Cafe Essentials cocoas are their reduced sugar levels & the prodigious amounts of cocoa we use. You will love the taste. We cover all the bases with cocoa products designed specifically to work with steamed or hot milk and with Barista’s in mind. In addition we have products that you simply add into hot water. All products deliver a full taste experience.


Belgian Dark Cocoa

A deep, dark and intense cocoa with a luxurious mouth feel and texture. Exceptional taste hot or blended. Makes an unbelievable mocha hot or cold. This is a dark, and we mean dark, semi-sweet hot cocoa.

Barista formulation, make with milk. When made with water, our Belgian gets ultra dark and super cocoa chocolate. Very unique and very Euro-Belgian.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Chocoholic’s Choice

At last! A blended beverage with chocoholics in mind… Simply put… chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Reminiscent of a frozen fudge bar when blended with ice & milk.

Serve HOT, with water, for an intense dark chocolate full rich mouthfeel hot cocoa. Formulated to be made with water for a darker profile, with milk for a lighter chocolate profile. Serve this as your “classic” chocolate blended with ice & water or milkshake. It’s very kid friendly.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Chocolate Truffle Cocoa

This rich cocoa features distinct milky notes with a chocolate truffle finish. This is your premium grade Euro-Swiss style milky hot cocoa. Barista formulation, make with milk.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Mexican Spiced Cocoa

Our Mexican Spiced Cocoa delivers a rich milky cocoa taste with just enough spice and cinnamon to get your taste buds jumping and wanting more. Most spiced cocoas are weak, not this one! Formulated to be made with water.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}


Cleaner labels than the competition

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

 Authentic and distinctive flavor profiles

 Reduce fat and sugar

Gluten free


Destination traffic!

Repeat business

Increased revenue and profit


How do Cafe Essentials cocoas differ from competitors on the market?

Tests have shown that most hot cocoas on the market are very sweet and have a “sugar first” profile or need many scoops of powder to achieve a decent taste. Cafe Essentials cocoa profiles is cocoa with dairy elements and balanced sweetness to achieve a very clean, dynamic, satisfying taste Experience.

Can your cocoas be served using milk and water?

Yes, except for Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, this is best when made with milk to achieve the best flavor profile. Mexican Spiced Cocoa was formulated to be made with water.

What are the differences between the four different cocoas you offer?

Each one of our Cocoas was developed to meet and the different taste profiles of each discerning customer. Our Chocoholic’s Choice is perfect for the customer who loves chocolate and is looking for the classic chocolate taste profile.Chocolate Truffle features distinct milky notes with a chocolate truffle finish. Mexican Spiced Cocoa includes spices and Cinnamon that provide a bold taste and Belgian Dark Cocoa is a deep, dark intense cocoa with a luxurious mouth feel and texture.

Are any of your cocoa flavors created with Barista’s in mind?

Yes, we have two cocoas that work well Chocolate Truffle Cocoa and Belgian Dark Cocoa.

What is Sipping Chocolate and can any of Cafe Essentials cocoas be used as sipping chocolate?

The first chocolate beverage is believed to have been created by the Mayas around 2000 years ago. Sipping Chocolate is a hot beverage that can be made in any size. Usually the smaller the beverage provides a more intense flavor profile. Sipping Chocolate can be served as small as a 4 oz. beverage. Making a sipping chocolate usually calls for half of the amount of water needed to achieve the ultra-luxurious sipping chocolate. Cafe Essentials Belgian Dark Cocoa, Chocolate Truffle Cocoa or Chocoholic’s Choice can all be used when making Sipping Chocolate.

Can Cafe Essentials cocoas be mixed with other Dr. Smoothie products?

Yes, we have several signature recipes that combine both Dr. Smoothie fruit concentrates and Cafe Essentials cocoas.

Are Cafe Essentials cocoas priced competitively?

Yes, Cafe Essentials is typically 10% to 45% less expensive than the competition on a per drink basis.

Do you have any special features or promotions on your cocoas that I can promote in my shop?

We have a Hot Cocoas Around the World promotion that takes customers on a worldly travel by experiencing hot cocoas from different parts of the world. You can focus on all five countries or offer one at a time. We have specific point of sale that focuses on Mexico, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the USA. Give your customers options with this fun-filled traveling promotional experience. We also have several recipes and point of sale if you are looking for a cold beverage promotion that features our cocoas.

Can Café Essentials be used in a hot beverage machine?

Yes, they work very well in a post hot whipped beverage machine as well as most other portion controlled machines. The operator will need to adjust the proportions of product for each beverage (gram throw), as each machine will be a little different. Have them try it with our Chai products first as they are exceptionally good served hot. DO NOT pour hot liquids into a blender to blend or pulse. This is dangerous and is a liability. DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

Does Café Essentials contain any trans fat or hydrogenated oils?

No, Café Essentials products feature No trans fat and No hydrogenated oils.