There is a reason our chai is an industry top seller. Cafe Essentials chai is flavorful, rich and has a creamy texture that sets this beverage apart from any other. We use real spices not a bunch of flavors…look in our cup and you will see. Make with water only and you will think you are consuming a milk and cream based product. Get your steam wand fired up for an indulgent chai tea latte, or chai steamer as we like to call it.


Ginger Spiced Chai

Intoxicating spices from the Middle East, this Ginger Spiced Chai is vibrant, exploding with genuine ginger, not ginger flavor. An irresistible taste that will please any ginger connoisseur.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Vanilla Chai

This chai is smooth and creamy with vanilla tones and wholesome honey with a hint of spice for those who enjoy a mellow chai experience.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}

Original Chai

This medium spiced chai is a perfect balance of spices blended in a creamy base with black tea and a touch of honey. It’s milky, creamy and rich with plenty of spices left in the bottom of the drink so you know you got the real deal, not some artificially flavored whatever. Make in water, not milk and you will be surprised at the full and rich creamy tones. Quite exceptional.

Unit size: 3.5 lb. bag | Served as: {Blended} {Hot}


Cleaner labels than the competition

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

 Authentic and distinctive flavor profiles

 Reduce fat and sugar

Gluten free


Destination traffic!

Repeat business

Increased revenue and profit


How does Cafe Essentials chai differ from other chai’s available on the market?

Cafe Essentials chai is flavorful, rich and has a creamy texture that sets our chai’s apart from any other.

Do you use artificial flavors or spices to get the flavor profiles in your chai’ products?

No, we use only real spices, not a bunch of flavors. Look in the bottom of your cup once consumed and you will see real spices.

Can I use water or milk when preparing chai beverages?

Depending on the recipes, many call for water only. You will be surprised and think you are consuming a milk and cream based beverage.

Can your chai powders be used in other recipes or are they a stand-alone beverage only?

Our chai powders can be blended using other products. We have several recipes that you can use to create signature beverages.

Which chai beverage would you recommend using?

It all depends on your customers and what taste profile they prefer. We have three great Chai flavors that each provide a different chai experience. Our Original Chai is a medium spiced chai with black tea and honey. Our Vanilla Chai is smooth and creamy with vanilla tones. Our Ginger Spiced Chai is our strongest chai that is vibrant and exploding with genuine ginger.

Are Cafe Essentials Chai’s only used for hot beverages?

No, our Chai’s can be used for both hot and blended beverages. We have recipes available for each flavor served hot or cold.

Can you mix Cafe Essentials Chai in with Dr. Smoothie’s fruit concentrates?

Yes, we have recipes that work well together that you can use to create your shop’s signature beverages.

Can Café Essentials be used in a hot beverage machine?

Yes, they work very well in a post hot whipped beverage machine as well as most other portion controlled machines. The operator will need to adjust the proportions of product for each beverage (gram throw), as each machine will be a little different. Have them try it with our Chai products first as they are exceptionally good served hot. DO NOT pour hot liquids into a blender to blend or pulse. This is dangerous and is a liability. DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

Does Café Essentials contain any trans fat or hydrogenated oils?

No, Café Essentials products feature No trans fat and No hydrogenated oils.